Sunday, November 20, 2011

Insider report - what now?

For the first time in over 10 years, the band is not booked to play New Year's Eve (yeah, but I bet that could change in a day).

According to sources in the band, they are taking time to re-create their practice space, do some more recording (one day there maybe music for sale), and plan for touring (product development, dates in Winnipeg and TO maybe, plus various festivals next summer).

Re-arranging of songs, finalizing a trio of set-lists (a long one, a medium one, and a festival one), set design (hint, think angry rabbits on stage, video, and um, "other things we don't want to talk about").

Glad I saw them at 'The Northern' on Friday night.


The Northern, November 18th, 2011

Imagine, if you would, walking into a darkly lit bar and seeing in the distance ... pink. Huge pink tubes floating in the air like .... giant spider bits maybe, or giant pink worms waving in the breeze.... Imagine the sight of pink boxes, drums, amps, instruments....

Imagine this is happening after you've spent two hours down the street drinking cheap beer....

Bamm, noise, smoke, lasers, strobe lights go off ... the pink tubes explode and the air is filled with balloons (pink), confetti (pink and yellow), and then all of a sudden, 3 people on stage all dressed in orange coveralls. The noise changes - it becomes music, it becomes a song, then two, then another one, then ....

Two and a-half hours later, its over.

10 kilograms of confetti on the floor (what floor? its all buried under confetti) smoke drifting ceiling-ward....

You, you've just heard driving rhythms and songs about zombies, mass-murderers, aliens, ... and "Like A Virgin" (Madonna cover with ukeleles and a baritone horn), a Black Sabbath cover ("Iron Man"), a TV show theme song ("Wonder Woman") morph into Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" at double speed.

Let's not forget the rabbits prancing around all night either. Giant, 1.5 m high drunken rabbits. Chasing each other. Dragging each other through the confetti on the floor.

Yeah, it was a good show.

And yeah, you wanted more.

Closing time, last call, encore,

lights go up,

c'mon... let's go people, bar is closing.....

With special thanks to the couple who stopped by for a meal and ended up getting a room so they could stay for the show. Thanks to the rabbits who ended their 4 week road trip around BC at 'The Northern' with Bubba Tres when all they stopped in for was a round of shooters before dinner.....

And thanks to everyone who filled the bar, and of course to the hard working bar staff who had to deal with the insanity... and the great 'sound man' (Kyle).

Glad I was there.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Big show on the 21st @ The Central

That's right, October 21st (Friday) has the band playing a long set at 'The Central' in Fernie BC (the location of a new Disney movie being filmed RIGHT NOW!).

Maybe the band is about to be discovered, and you could be there!

This is the 'End of the World' and "Zombie Walk' show all rolled into one - so hey, if those predictions are right, you might as well spend the end of the world with Bubba at The Central!

New songs, old tunes re-worked, smoke, confetti, lasers, this'll be a great show!!!

Related news, check out the photos on Flicker from Arts Well this summer (Flickr link)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wapiti Reviews...

From <>

The band got this one: "This was the opening act for Wapiti, Big Bubba Tres.

Pretty much every song was about killing zombies, zombie midgets, stripper-zombies, or zombies in the snow. Lots of talk of “titties,” too, which is kind of hilarious because they played at 7pm Friday night, prime time for family attendance. Their cover of “Like A Virgin,” and another of “Iron Man” were crazy. In between songs, the lead singer’s banter made me think of a demented and sex-crazed Fred Penner. It was pretty full-on.

“Ready for another zombie killing song or what?”

It would have been even scarier in the dark, but the half-light at Annex Park just made their smoke machine look like a shittily managed brush fire. There was even a gong onstage, which only added to the theatrical suspense; are they gonna cover “Bang a Gong?” Or Lamb of God?

“Vampire beer, it’s worse than we feared..!” Rad.

Craziest line, though; “Bitch, show me taco, give me reason not to kill your zombie child.” Made all the more surreal by face-painted kids dancing in front of the stage with the bunnies and yetis…"

The band enjoyed the show - a lot of energy at the festival for sure, although there was more lawn than bum in front of the group on the stage... they sounded excellent.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall 2011

On the news front, BT has got new photos (

BT has re-worked the 'set' to be dynamic and entertaining with the new line-up of 3. Instruments include a bass drum, bass guitar, electric guitars, electric ukulele, keyboards, mandolins, and more... a gong, iPads, visuals,.....

Booked dates for the fall (so far):
August 19th - Wapiti Festival (Fernie)
September 22nd - Marquee Room in Calgary with guests (Sonic)
October 21st - Zombie Cabaret/End of the World @ the Central in Fernie (with guests)
November 18th - Central in Fernie
December - New Years show in Fernie

Wapiti Festival - Fernie

Tomorrow night, 7 pm, Bubba Tres opens up the festival. A 35 minute set is in the works (see the ArtsWells line-up).

Artswells Festival update

Wow, what a great time was had at the Festival - a must do for everyone.

The band left Fernie on Thursday morning, pulling gear and excitement to Kamloops where they stayed for the night (after a fine meal and live music).

Friday saw the trip north to Quesnel and East to Wells. Weather was cool and cloudy. Tents went up (talk about a lot of neighbours), then a tour of the town and facilities was done. Time with Ben Sures and other friends and musicians was mixed with a look at the great main stage and load-in/load-out process, a meal, beers, and live music.

Saturday dawned early - after a night of noise (dogs fighting, neighbours partying, snoring, cars, and so on), and pebbles - gray and cold. Breakfast at the festival service in the school was free, and filling (if somewhat lacking in something... like coffee cups...). Lunch at a local restaurant (meatloaf, rice/potatoes, and peas) was filling and full of friendly banter and conversation with the locals.

Naps under a rainy sky that turned into a torrential downpour that lead to a stream flowing under Steve's tent, over topping his groundsheet boat and leading the n 'at sea' rescue by the Coast Gard (ok, no coast guard actually showed up, but the RCMP were nearby!).

Load in began around 1 pm or so, and then once in the community centre, the props were assembled, stage placements were decided, and a beer or two was consumed.

The opening band played, the next band played, Bubba Tres set up their gear (what an excellent stage crew and sound team), and the show began.

20 large balloons went out into the audience, streamers were launched and Peanut Butter Tongue started the show.

In order, the band played Bigfoot Calls, Tremours, Burn the Midget, Like a Virgin, Specky Spectacular, Rat Blood, 2-Headed Siamese Crow, Zombie Taco, Zombies in the Snow, Iron Man, and Polka Johnny. 4 Lasers, strobe-lights, lots of pink, orange coveralls, and a gong rounded out the visual show.

Sleep was found in the dry of the Casino building in Wells, so it all worked out as it should.

The drive home Sunday was an all-night drive so the band members could be at work on time 'next day' as it were.

No one lost an eye.

Lets hope that Bubba Tres makes the ArtsWells Festival in 2012.

Link to a mention in the Williams Lake Tribune: